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Having a spiritual father is a significant truth threaded throughout the Word of God. I received Jesus in my heart in 1983 and I did not know it then but for years I was missing what so many in the Body of Christ are still missing today – a spiritual father. A spiritual father is a divine connection that is crucial to you fulfilling the plan of God for your life. Unfortunately, many fail to see the greatness in men, they fail to properly connect as a son, and they fail to see the far-reaching effects of dishonoring their spiritual father and mother. Where are the Timothys, Elishas, and Esthers today? Where are those men and women who will stand by their spiritual father and be consumed with serving them and not advancing their own agenda? It is my prayer for everyone who reads this book to get a divine revelation about having a spiritual father, loving them as a person, valuing them as a gift from God, and following them the rest of your life.